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Name: Nerdman
Contact: [ profile] nerdman42
Have you played in a game like this before? I played in Dangan Roleplay as an angry asshole

Name: Dan
Canon: Dan Vs.
Overview: Dan is an angry asshole.

That’s really all there is to him. When he was a kid, traumatic events at home and at summer camp convinced him that a) loud ranting and violence made people pay attention to him, b) revenge is the answer to everything, and c) he is the greatest human being ever. Not respecting him in any form means you deserve to be punished.

From then on, Dan’s life fills a basic episode by episode formula. Something “insults” him, he sets places on fire. He spends his time being a pathetic, whiny loser who’d probably fit right in with MRAs if he wasn’t such a misanthrope.
Motivation: Dan hates people. Especially people that aren’t him. Its super easy for him to be convinced to hurt others. He generally doesn’t like be ordered what to do, but he’s definitely up for rewards such as: money, food, random shit he likes, and revenge.
Powers: Dan has picked up a number of skills in his hatred for everyone. He knows how to work explosives, sharp objects, poisons, all sorts of shit. He does have a talent for manipulation, but it usually only works on idiots. Actually using his brain would mean effort. Violence is so much easier. Otherwise, he’s not a guy with any kind of skills, supernatural or physically.
First-Round Death? Sure thing
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"You've reached Dan. I can't grace you with my magnificence at the moment due to circumstances beyond my control. Leave a-"

"Dan, what are you doing?!"

"I keep forgetting to leave tape one of these things! I'm not letting myself forget this time!"

"But the police are right behind us!"

"You're such a worry-wort! Anyway, leave a message at the beep."
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You can contact me either through [ profile] Nerdman, the usual email angry_jerk thing-y, or HERE! Funtimes for all, just reply to the post!

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Oct. 9th, 2013 10:59 pm
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Player Name: Nerdman
Player Journal: [personal profile] nerdman42
Age: 18
Contact: [ profile] Nerdman
Characters Played: Dr. Linksano
Name: Dan
Canon: Dan Vs
Canon Point: Post-Season 3/His death in Dangan Roleplay
History: The Dan Vs wiki is rather lacking, so let’s summarize his history quickly.
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Threadjacking: I've never had a problem with it, as long as it makes sense.

Backtagging: I'm always happy to, but sometimes I may have some difficulty sticking to it. Apologies!


Injuries: The more pain the better. Hurting Dan is a neccessity, really. Obviously, he won't be happy though.

Hugs, Kisses, or more: Dan does not like being touched. AT ALL.

Flirtation: It's alright, but expect some major confusion. Then, once he figures it out, angry yelling.

Fourth Walling: He's not gonna believe you. Just saying.
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Mun Name: Nerdman
Journal: [personal profile] nerdman42
Contact Info: Plurk: [ profile] Nerdman42
Other Characters: None

Name: Dan
From: Dan Vs
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